New Dominoes

New Dominoes

New Dominoes Version 2.0 is released now with new features and...

New Dominoes Version 2. 0 is released now with new features and more realistic game play. This new version 2. 0 improves upon the previous version 1.

1 with significant new features and improved game play. Key features include: New improved A. I, graphics, sounds and animations. Single / partnership game play.

4 level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard, master). Multi rules & scoring (standard, gaple, five-up). 7 amazing card sets, 20 background images, 13 full background music/MIDIs.

Set & specify number of points in a match. Set & specify number of games in a match. World championship & submit score to Internet.

Counter clockwise or clockwise rotation. The game only uses double-six deck size. There are 28 cards range from double-zero to double-six. All dominoes cards are distributed among the players, so each player has 7 dominoes cards in his/her hand.

The Object of the New Dominoes is to get a highest score among any other players in a limited games/match. You can choose 10, 15 or 25 games in a match or 100, 250, 500 points in a match or you can specify how many games/points in a match.

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